Have you got good and reliable IT support?

If you’re a small business in Surrey, Sussex or Hampshire with no IT department there are a few things you need to think about:

  • Do you really know how efficient your office systems are?
  • What will happen when your server crashes or something goes wrong?
  • How will you cope?

Just because nothing has gone wrong in a while, does not mean that nothing is wrong.

The essentials

You need your IT to be behind the scenes supporting your business, not a daily headache that brings you all down.

We can save you money

  • How much time do your staff spend on IT issues in a week or a year?

Time which they’re not spending on doing their job. It may add up to many hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds, and that’s only accounting for the good days when nothing’s gone wrong. Throw in a disaster and that could be days of lost time as well as lost data.

Making you more efficient

  • Are you and your staff using your computers and equipment to their full potential?
  • How many hours do you waste staring at a blank screen because your systems are running slowly?

With a few tweaks and a bit of advice from us, the chances are we can make your office practices a whole lot more efficient and your computers run more smoothly and quickly.

Training your staff

Learning how to use new equipment or software needn’t take long but can make a huge difference.

We can deal with any of the following issues:

  • Computer repairs and upgrades
  • Firewall protection / computer security
  • Web design & hosting
  • Network installation, set up and support
  • Broadband & wireless networks
  • Virus and spyware identification and removal
  • Troubleshooting and problem fixes
  • Hardware / software sales and install
  • Technical support helplines
  • PC heath checks

Our support service contract has also been carefully priced to make it very cost effective for small businesses because we know that budgets are tight.

Still not sure? Why not take try our quiz to see how efficient your IT really is?