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Love it or hate it, your IT is one of the most important parts of your business. It can make the difference between a great day’s work or a disaster, and a successful office relocation or a nightmare. And if it doesn’t run as smoothly and efficiently as it possibly can, you’re losing time, money and very possibly clients and staff too. And that’s whether it’s the daily mundane stuff or a major event like an office merger.

A safe pair of hands

When it comes to IT what you need is a safe pair of hands. Someone reliable, who knows what they’re doing and who won’t let you down. And someone who can look at the bigger picture and suggest affordable ways to make your business or office relocation run more efficiently.

Covering SMEs in Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex, Sitec IT are experienced IT specialists, who can take care of all your IT, from your desktops, tablets, software, maintenance, telephony, utilities, logistics and cabling to your office relocations and mergers.

You’ll be relieved to know that we don’t speak geek, but we do turn up when we say we will and we can often assist remotely. We don’t just fire fight either. We’ll look at your business and IT as a whole and work out what you need to make your business or your office relocation run more effectively. And then we get the job done, quietly and efficiently behind the scenes.

We’re accredited, we’re experienced and we go that extra mile to make things better.

We partner with these key suppliers, amongst many others:

VMware accredited IT support
VMware accredited IT support
VMware accredited IT support
VMware accredited IT support
msft accredited IT support
msft accredited IT support
VMware accredited IT support
VMware accredited IT support
VMware accredited IT support
VMware accredited IT support
Cisco accredited IT support
Office moves

IT office relocation/expansion specialists

Whether you’re moving, merging, expanding or setting up from scratch, you need someone experienced who can manage your IT office relocation and advise you from beginning to end.

IT Support Services

IT Support

Are your staff spending too much time on IT or are your computers slow? IT support can save you valuable time, money and a lot of grey hairs.

ad-hoc-IT support

IT ad hoc support

Your computers won’t start or you can’t access your email. These days IT issues are one of life’s most stressful experiences but we’ve got your back when things go wrong.

IT equipment sales


A convenient place to shop for equipment and personal advice about what hardware, software or other kit you need, before your office relocation and before you buy.

Make your life easier and your business better

Give us a call today and let us take the weight off your shoulders

Make your life easier and your business better.

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