PC Service/Health check

We offer ongoing monitoring and desktop support to our contract customers. As part of this we install a set of automated monitoring tools to give our customers piece of mind that their systems are operational in the best way possible. This includes Windows/Mac updates, security compliance, patch updates and web monitoring tools to ensure malicious sites are automatically blocked without any form of user intervention.

Server Migration – Sharepoint

As ‘The Cloud’ becomes more and more mainstream many companies are looking to take advantage of its features by moving corporate data away from on premises hardware and into cloud based storage. We successfully migrated one of our larger customers away from an aging file server and moved all of their data directly into the cloud. This has given them the advantage of being able to access their corporate files from anywhere, and allows us (their IT department) to centrally backup the data securely and away from the office, removing the risk of localised data loss through fire or flood. The project was phased over a number of days working slowly and meticulously to ensure continuous access to the data together with zero data loss as we progressed through the project. All in all it was a very successful project with no downtime what-so-ever for the customer.

Installation of new PC’s

Upgrading your old devices can improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and keep your company in line with the security and quality of life improvements that new technology provides. One of our customers was looking to upgrade 5 of their laptops to a new spec. We gave advice on which PC’s would best suit their requirements, ordered, and set them up using their Microsoft accounts. We ensured that they had access to all the files they needed, set-up security, emails and made sure the swap over from old to new was as smooth as possible. We were on hand to answer any of their questions following the upgrade, and left the customer working faster and more efficiently.

Security essentials compliance

As part of the ongoing security requirements from insurance companies and corporate governance to ensure the systems employed are secure and robust, you may be looking into your companies’ security. We can ensure that all systems employed by your organisation are up to date and comply with current corporate industry standards. We can also monitor those same systems to ensure that they are operating within proper limits and performance is at its maximum, tracking and preventing issues before they occur.

IMAP to Office 365 email migration

A new customer had their IMAP email hosted with an organisation who had been taken over by another larger company. Unfortunately, as so often happens, this led to a loss of customer service from the company, followed by ongoing frustrations in terms of the customers email hosting and with their domain name.

We worked with the customer to transfer their domain away from the organisation, allowing us to gain control of the domain and perform proper and timely updates to it. We then migrated their email from IMAP, which had a small amount of storage space, to Office 365, which had 50GB of available email storage. All in all the migration went extremely smoothly and without incident. They are now safe in the knowledge that they will get proactive support for their email going forward.

Wifi access point setup

We installed Unifi Wifi hubs for a customer who needed coverage throughout a large building. The Wifi was configured so that when moving from one location to another the devices would default over to the Wifi with the strongest signal, ensuring that they had the best coverage throughout their building. We monitor the health of the Wifi as well as update the system remotely whenever it is necessary.