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Ring Doorbell

by Simon Isherwood
Posted on: June 26th, 2019
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Ring have developed the next generation doorbell, the new device that can show you who is at your door wherever you are. The device connects to your wireless network and can notify you on your smartphone or tablet through the Ring companion app.

Once you are connected you can have a two way conversation with the person at the door whether you are sitting inside or out and about.

Now, you no longer have to wait for that home delivery

With Ring you’ll know when the delivery man rings the doorbell and you can talk to them directly, in real time. You can even ask them to leave the package somewhere if you’re not at home.

The doorbell is a neat and compact unit with a wide angled lens, HD video camera and night vision.

The doorbell can also be used as a security mechanism, detect motion and trigger automatic video recordings before sending you a notification, you can then view the footage to see what the motion was. Clever!

Sitec are Ring doorbell installation experts and come and visit your house or office and perform the installation for you. Why not give us a call on 01483 806060 to see how easy ring can make your life.