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Office Relocation to two new Sites

by Simon Isherwood
Posted on: July 11th, 2016
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Client Requirement

Since being taken over by their new German Owner, Cranleigh based company Artifex decided to relocate their main manufacturing and admin offices further south to two different sites, namely Billingshurst for their admin office and Winterpick for their main manufacturing plant.

Sitec IT has worked with Artifex for over six years providing IT support, new computer equipment and solutions and website services including hosting of their main website and email at their head office and manufacturing plant in Surrey.

Artifex needed to be sure the move would be seamless, without any downtime or disruption to their internet connection and office production process. What’s more, following the move, the more remote site at Winterpick needed to be able to access the data and systems which were to be held on the main server in Billingshurst.

Project Solution

Project management was headed up by Simon Isherwood who liaised with Artifex’s Sales Director to ensure the move ran smoothly from start to finish.  He worked closely with the company to ensure all the requirements were fully scoped out and to identify any risks to ensure there were plans in place to deal with any issues as they arose.

In advance of the move, Sitec made sure the cabling was installed throughout the new admin office with data points put in the correct locations and ensured that the server was sited well away from those working on a day-to-day basis.

Sitec also provided integration services for the company’s server, broadband and computers. Sitec then set up a secure site-to-site VPN between the two offices allowing access to the main production and sales system in Billingshurst from the remote location.

Services Provided

  • Pre and post project planning and support
  • Supply, setup and installation of site-to-site VPN
  • Provision of UPS for improved server up-time in case of power failures
  • Network user account management

Project Feedback

As the project was managed by Sitec both before, during and after the move, Artifex had none of the extra headache caused by an office relocation and the demands it makes on IT.  It also meant the staff at Artifex could just turn up on the Monday after the move and get on with their work, with no disruption..

“Thankyou Sitec for a really smooth and painless move, we managed to get up-and-running on day one without too many problems and we couldn’t have done it without you” Ian Scutt, Sales Director