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Beware! Windows 10 Ransomware Attacks!

by Simon Isherwood
Posted on: October 5th, 2016
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Ransomware criminal waiting to encrypt your data

Cyber criminals are spreading ransomware to Windows 10 users in the form of fake emails offering system updates.

Ransomware known as CTB Locker tempts Windows users with the promise of a Windows 10 installation kit. Once the file is downloaded and installed it presents a message saying that crucial system files are now locked.

The malicious email has the subject line ‘Windows 10 Free Update’ and is reportedly sent from a valid address that displays as ‘update@microsoft.com.

To block ransomware, users need to install an anti-malware solution with anti-exploit, anti-malware and anti-spam modules and keep all of the installed software constantly updated.

We would advise all users to avoid questionable websites, links or email attachments from uncertain email addresses.


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