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Has your IT all gone horribly wrong?

There are days, terrible days, when it all goes horribly wrong. Your computer won’t start, the server is down, your email isn’t sending or the whole thing has just crashed. And when your business depends on your IT, it’s hair tearingly stressful, especially if you don’t know where to turn or what to do.

Don’t panic – Sitec IT is your 4th emergency service

More than at any other time, when things go pear shaped you need a knowledgeable, safe pair of hands who will help you straight away, not fob you off with tomorrow or worst still, next week.

With Sitec IT our first step is to see if we can help you remotely and we usually can. But if things are worse than we thought and you’re within a 25 mile radius of Cranleigh, we can come to your office. Failing that, you can bring your kit to us.

What can we fix?

Pretty much everything and that includes:

  • PCs and MACs
  • Hardware and software (diagnosis and fix)
  • virus and data issues
  • transferring to new computers
  • Wifi problems and poor coverage
  • Broadbrand provision

We’ll give you more than just a sticking plaster

We do appreciate that when things go wrong, you normally just want to get it fixed and fixed quickly. But we keep an eye on the bigger picture too because sometimes we can find a better, more long term solution than just a quick fix. But don’t worry, whatever advice we give, we’ll get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Plugging PC cables and wires

default image

Set up and data transfer from old to new computer.

Simon carried out the work needed in a thoroughly professional, friendly and educative fashion. We are most grateful and would definitely recommend Sitec.

Client in Cranleigh, 10 May 2016 Set up and data transfer from old to new computer. June 27, 2016

Don't panic, help is at hand

Call us now and let's get it fixed

Make your life easier and your business better.

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